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Science Threshold Learning Outcomes

The Threshold Learning Outcomes for Science (Science TLOs) are a landmark in science curriculum in Australian higher education and are endorsed by the ACDS.WhatIsScience

For the first time, science faculties have nationally agreed descriptions of what a science graduate should know and be able to do. The Science TLOs set the framework for development of learning objectives for individual science degrees, which cascades to individual subjects.  The Science TLOs inform curriculum design and are a national reference point for learning in Science and Mathematical sciences.

The Science TLOs have stimulated translation into science sub-disciplines and projects on implementing them within Australian science degrees.

Science Learning and Teaching Academic Standards Statement Jones S, Yates B and Kelder J (2011)

More information about the science TLOs can be found at:

Support for the original work was provided by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council Ltd, an initiative of the Australian Government.

Update: Higher Education Standards Framework

The Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF) was legislated in late October and will apply to all University courses from Jan 1, 2017. The Framework was developed with extensive consultation and has been well-received by universities. The new standards emphasize graduate learning outcomes and employability, which are both key topics for the ACDS. Download from the TEQSA website.

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