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New ACDS project: Repository of online resources for science and mathema...

The ACDS has launched a new project to create a repository of online resources for science teaching and assessment and is providing funding  to drive this development.  Due to the current global health crisis, universities have been required to cancel all face-to-face classes and switch to emergency remote teaching. With not much time for planning, […]

Leadership in learning and teaching science in tertiary education

The ACDS has supported a project focused on leadership in learning and teaching in science in Australian Universities. The skills successful students need for the 21st century such as critical thinking and innovation, map strongly to the pedagogies of science and mathematics teaching. Future leaders in learning and teaching in science and mathematics, require a […]

ACDS Fellowship update

ACDS Fellowship update

We have been hard at work, giving talks and facilitating workshops. Some key messages arising from workshop interactions and discussions: CER-STEM is a conceptual framework with resources that prompt and enable scholarship. It can be used to organise STEM degree teaching teams and support them collaborate in embedding scholarship into their everyday teaching work. Natural […]

Performance in first year mathematics and science subjects in Australian...

The Australian Council of Deans Science (ACDS) commissioned the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) to undertake a study of the impact of year 12 mathematics on first year university science performance. To our knowledge it is the first such national study, albeit quite modest, that has been undertaken. The study looked at 16,436 first […]

Initiatives of Australian universities to increase Indigenous student en...

A study has been undertaken to understand the initiatives presently in place at Science faculties of Australian universities to assist in the enrolment, retention and completion of Indigenous people within science courses, as a means of identifying current practices and exemplars. The project was commissioned by the University of Tasmania‚Äôs College of Sciences and Engineering […]