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Teaching Large Classes without Lectures

Professor Paul Francis is an astrophysicist and an educator at the Australian National University. He has worked for many years to make lectures more interactive, using role-playing games and case studies to teach physics. He lead the development of the ANU’s first MOOC, which has now been taken by over a quarter of a million students from around the world. He is now working on “flipping” large first year courses – teaching without lectures, using a combination of videos and interactive workshops. Paul has won many awards for education and science communication, including the 2016 Australian Award for University Teaching, and is famous among his students for his bizarre lecture demonstrations, strange taste in waistcoats, and for talking far too fast in an incomprehensible pommie accent.

Paul Francis

A Road to Success – Preparing students for an unknown career future

Associate Professor Karen Burke da Silva is recognised as one of Australia’s most influential science educators and is the 2016 Australian University Teacher of the Year. She has transformed the delivery of science curricula, creating an outstanding teaching environment for her students. She is an inspirational leader who engages and motivates others to implement effective new ways to teach science through reconceptualising teaching delivery. Her delivery focuses on personalising the experience for individual students and overcoming the challenges of engaging very large first year cohorts of students. She has been instrumental in pioneering an integrated teaching environment that fosters and encourages interaction between teaching and research. This involves innovative, authentic, student-centred approaches that develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. Karen is actively involved in social media campaigns to raise awareness around conservation and environmental issues building greater understanding of science in the public arena.

Karen Burke da silva

ACSME 2018: Flinders University, South Australia

ACSME 2018 will be held at Flinders University on 26 and 27 September and the discipline day will be on Friday 28 September 2018.

Submissions and registration will open in April.

Contact the conference organisers at for more information.


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