ACEN and ACDS joint discussion paper on NPILF

How should we spend NPILF funds to improve Work Integrated Learning in generalist Science degrees?
In a joint discussion paper, ACEN and ACDS present a review of the literature on university-industry partnerships and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) for science students.

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Repository of online resource for science and mathematics teaching and assessment

A new ACDS project aims to create a repository of curated remote teaching and assessment resources developed across Faculties of Science.

Do you have a resource to share?

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The best of both worlds: Integrating online and face-to-face learning

There is much to be learned from the live, although unplanned, educational experience we all went through this year. We should capitalise on these learnings and embed them in good practice.
Making the best of the online and face-to-face worlds was the topic of the keynote address by Professor Liz Johnson, DVCE (Education) at Deakin University, at this year’s ACSME conference.

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Science education leadership webinar series

This series of webinars is for all those with responsibility to lead science and mathematics education, including deans, associate deans teaching and learning, science course directors and other academics in similar roles. We explore the learnings from emergency remote teaching due COVID-19 pandemic, the impact this has had on science and mathematics teaching, and the challenges ahead to shape science and mathematics education post pandemic.

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ACDS Teaching and Learning Fellowship

Tina Acuña and Jo-anne Kelder are the recipients of the inaugural ACDS Teaching and Learning Fellowship. Their project aims to develop a framework to embed scholarship in the cycle of quality improvement and quality assurance of qualifications, leading to evidence-based scholarly outputs and informs a collaborative approach to curriculum design that can be facilitated within and across disciplines and university boundaries.

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Indigenous science resources

This project aims to facilitate the sharing of good practice across Australian universities aimed at increasing participation and success of Indigenous students in science courses as well as engaging all science  students in Indigenous knowledges. It builds on the findings of the exploratory survey supported by the ACDS.

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Work integrated learning (WIL)

The Centre has been focusing on the employability of science graduates for several years, to provide tools and resources for faculties of science to develop work integrated learning opportunities for their students. To this end, the ACDS has delivered on projects funded by the Office of the Chief Scientist and the OLT. Regional WIL networks were established and four national forums were run to facilitate discussion of challenges and solutions on this topic. Work continues on this front, now with a focus on working in collaboration with the Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN).

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New study on the impact of Year 12 mathematics on university first year science performance

This ACDS study explores the performance of first year science and mathematics students in Australian universities and how it relates to their senior secondary mathematics background.

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ACSME conferences

For 25 years ACSME has provided a forum for all academics and professional staff interested in advancing the learning and teaching in science and mathematics in higher education. This is a great annual networking event ran by the ACDS, never fails to attract good crowds.

The next ACSME will be held in Perth, on September 28 to October 1 2021.

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Role of education focused academics

Education-focused academics can foster teaching and learning change and improvement in faculties of science. These roles have been developed in a number of Australian universities but their work is not well-described. This project will use tools developed in the US to explore the role of education-focused academics and related teaching-intensive roles in science and mathematics.

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