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News from the ACDS Teaching and Learning Centre

Our ACDS Teaching and Learning events for 2018 are approaching which is exciting.

ACSME moves to Adelaide this year from 26-28 September and is hosted by Flinders University. The ACSME conference website has opened for submissions (due 8 June) and I encourage all our members to consider attending or supporting a colleague to attend from your area. Our community is building capability across science and mathematics curriculum and addressing key issues in quality, innovation and outcomes for graduates.

The ACDS Teaching and Learning Leaders Conference is also in Adelaide this year and will be held 19 & 20 July at the University of Adelaide. As usual, Faculties will nominate participants and we encourage Faculties to include emerging leaders. Talk to your ADTL about attending this year.

The ACDS WIL in Science project continues to produce key resources for Science Faculties. Have a look at the latest case studies on our WIL in Science pages and keep an eye out for local activities from the WIL in Science communities in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. WIL leaders could also consider attending the biannual ACEN conference in Brisbane which will link you to a bigger WIL community.

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1. Hello and good-bye...

2. Coming up: ACSME 2018 - now taking submissions and registrations are open! FYiMaths Annual Conference Learning & Teaching Leaders Conference 2018

3. SaMnet: news and ideas from the SaMnet leadership network


Hello and good-bye....

A new arrival

Congratulations Alex Yeung  on the safe arrival of baby Patrick Griffin Payne on 27 February 2018. Alex has been Proceedings Manager, and a leader and mainstay for the ACSME conference for many years. We wish Alex and her husband Alan the very best as they embark on this wonderful life journey.

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Vale Leon Poladian

Farewell to our colleague Leon Poladian, who passed away in February 2018. Leon was an Associate Professor in Applied Maths and a stalwart of science/mathematics education. He was a regular participant at the Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education and an active collaborator in Australian Learning and Teaching Council and Office of Learning and Teaching projects. Leon's leadership and …

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Coming up...

ACSME 2018 - now taking submissions and registrations are open!

ACSME 2018 - now taking submissions and registrations are open!

Please consider contributing to ACSME, to be held on Wednesday 26 September and Thursday 27 September 2018 at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. Final papers (after presenting at the event) will be published in a special edition of International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education (IJISME). Registrations now open! Submissions now open! The Discipline day will be …

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FYiMaths Annual Conference

The next FYiMaths workshop will be centered around the question 'Assessment for sustainable learning'. When: 28th - 29th June Where: The University of Melbourne Some questions you might like to consider are How can we improve assessment practices for time-poor educators? How can assessment improve student life-long learning? How can we use assessment to inform teaching practice? Can technology help …

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Learning & Teaching Leaders Conference 2018

Deans and Associate Deans Learning & Teaching, and other Faculty learning and teaching leaders will be invited to attend this year's ACDS Learning & Teaching Leaders Conference to be held at the University of Adelaide on Thursday 19 July and Friday 20 July 2018. The theme this year is: ‘Future Learning, Future Teaching’ and the conference will explore topics on: …

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SaMnet News and Ideas

This Month’s Question:

What is your administrative support structure in your institution?

We would like to draw your attention to a recent article from Dan Chambliss from the periodical ‘The Department Chair: A Resource for Academic Administrators’, Volumne 28 No. 1, called Untapped Potential? Appreciating the Administrative Assistant.

In this article, the author extoils the importance and necessity of the administrative support staff in ensuring the functioning of the academic department. These ‘institutional veterans’ are also vital for newly beginning academic staff, as their orientation and initiation into the organisation is through the administrative support team. The takeAppreciate the administrative support staff, good support staff improves everyone’s work lives.

Please send an email to if there is anything you would like for us to feature in the next edition of the newsletter.

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Leon Poladian, Associate Professor in Applied Maths at the University of Sydney, and a stalwart of science and mathematics education.

He was an active collaborator in Australian Learning and Teaching Council and Office of Learning and Teaching projects and an active participant in the science and mathematics education communities, including the Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education. He was a true friend to many of us.

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers recognised his leadership and service through a Citation for Distinguished Service Award, while Deborah King (Melbourne) of FYiMaths outlined his contributions here.

We will miss him.

Upcoming Events and Activities

FYiMaths Annual Workshop

University of Melbourne, Melbourne, 28-29 June 2018

This workshop will be focused on the theme of ‘Assessment for sustainable learning’, including topics such as improving practices for time-poor educators and informing teaching practices through assessment.

Abstracts are now welcome, please click here for more details.

Agricultural Education Symposium

Waite Campus, University of Adelaide, 21-22 June 2018

Focused on the theme of ‘Growing the Future’, the symposium will feature keynotes from Beverley Oliver (Deakin), Morgan Miles (Charles Sturt) and Peter Sale (La Trobe); the Australian University Agriculture Education Award for Excellence in Teaching will also be awarded at the symposium dinner.

Abstracts and early bird registrations are now open, click here for more details.


Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, 2-5 July 2018

The 41st annual conference of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia will focus on the theme of [Re]Valuing Higher Education.

Early bird registrations close 31 May 2018; please click here to register.

STARS 2018

Skycity Convention Centre, Auckland, New Zealand, 8-11 July 2018

This conference provides the opportunity to disseminate and discuss current research, good practice, emerging initiatives and leading-edge ideas that are aimed at enhancing students’ tertiary learning experiences.

Early bird registrations are now open; click here to register.


Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, 9-13 July 2018

The combined conference encompasses physics education and multimedia in physics teaching and learning around the theme of ‘Research and Innovation in Physics education: two sides of the same coin’.

Early bird registrations are now open, please click here to register.

ICCE 2018 – The International Conference on Chemistry Education

University of Sydney, Sydney, 10-14 July 2018

The biannual IUPAC conference, International Conference on Chemistry Education (ICCE18) is coming to Sydney next year. ICCE 2018 will be a forum where Australian and International chemistry educators can build connections between research and practice to provide richer student learning experiences.

Early bird registrations are now open; please click here for details.

ACDS 2018 Teaching and Learning Conference

University of Adelaide, Adelaide, 19-20 July 2018

This conference will focus on the themes of the changing face of teaching, the changing role of teachers, preparing graduates for an uncertain future and emerging models of curriculum design.
Save this date in your calendar and look for updates in future editions!

ICPE-SAIP-WITS 2018 – International Conference on Physics Education

Johannesburg, South Africa, 1-5 October 2018

The main theme of the conference is: "Physics Education for Development: a focus on context".

Abstract submissions are now open; please click here for details.

Australian Conference for Science and Mathematics Education 2018

Flinders University, Adelaide, 26-28 September 2017

The Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (ACSME) is for tertiary science and mathematics educators to share ideas and keep up to date.

Submissions and registrations are open!


ACSME 2018 will be held at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia on 26-27 September, with the Discipline Day on 28 September at Flinders. Get your abstract submissions ready!

Please keep an eye out for the exciting upcoming special edition of IJISME focusing on Indigenous Education. This edition is currently in progress and due for release later in the year. Keep your eyes on this space!


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Learning in Lectures and Large Groups

Steven Cranfield in the book ‘Enhancing Teaching Practices in Higher Education’

While the lecture is still effective in disseminating information, student learning can be inhibited in a number of ways. The author outlines these limitations and highlights methods for enhancing learning in the lecture format. How could you disseminate these ideas to colleagues who may be resistant to changing their lecture format?

Testing That Promotes Learning

Maryellen Weimer in The Teaching Professor

Enhancing learning through testing? The author provides an overview of the research in educational psychology, focusing on low-stakes learning as a form of ‘retrieval practice’. Where could you incorporate these testing principles into your courses? Could you use this as evidence for your colleagues to take these on board?


On the Road to Champion

Deborah S. Willis in Inside Higher Ed

How can you prepare your students for leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion? In an environment where students incorporate these issues as part of their lived experience, how can these students develop, lead and be recognised for leadership in these? The author highlights teamwork, adaptability and commitment as part of the toolkit needed for students to enhance the power of their voice for positive change. How can you help facilitate students to be champions in these areas?


We Make Tenure Decisions Unfairly. Here’s a Better Way.

Leah Wasburn-Moses in The Chronicle of Higher Education

How useful are the current metrics on teaching evaluation, research output and academic service in identifying strong candidates for promotion? The author identifies aspects of current metrics that fail to produce quality candidates, instead suggesting alternative methods for evaluating candidates. While the author writes within the American context, does this ring true in the Australian context?


Journal of Video Experiments

The Journal of Video Experiments (JoVE) publishes articles that include both text and video of novel experimental methods covering numerous scientific fields and experiments. The video approach can guide students who need to employ similar methods. It also reveals something about what scientific experiments look like ‘when done by the professionals’, potentially useful for university students in their early years. Do their videos reflect the pedagogy you adopt when teaching your students?

National Innovation Case Studies Collection

The National Innovation Case Study Collection is now live. This publically available resource showcases over 100 examples of innovative practices in support of student and graduate success across the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) network. SaMnet Scholar Jessica Vanderlelie announced the public site here.