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WIL in science: are we making progress?

WIL in Science: are we making progress? In 2015, a national research project commissioned by the Office of the Chief Scientist showed that participation of science students in work integrated learning (WIL) activities was very low in comparison to other disciplines. Since then the ACDS made WIL a priority because it saw it as a […]

Successful WIL in Science: final report published!

This OLT project sponsored by the ACDS was completed last December under Liz Johnson’s leadership, and the full report is now available. This report, together with the WIL guide in Science and the report on the Quality and Standards for Work Integrated Learning, provide a rich set of resources for all science educators who are […]

Quality and Standards for Work Integrated Learning

This newly published report was commissioned by the Australian Council of Deans of Science Teaching & Learning Centre, and written by Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto.

Leading WIL: a new resource for science faculties

  There’s so many challenges. There’s the resourcing side of things. There’s obviously the scalability issue – how do you make sure WIL reaches all students? There’s a debate around whether universities should be the training grounds for companies, so there’s always some pushback from academics and researchers about whether we should be teaching students […]

Context is everything: Bringing authenticity to laboratory learning

  It isn’t possible or appropriate to send students out to the workplace in every unit. For example, sending a first-year student out to a commercial laboratory, without prior preparation, is unlikely to achieve favourable outcomes for the student or the industry partner. However, learning in every class can be contextualised and aligned with industry […]

Newly published WIL Guide for Science

Newly published WIL Guide for Science

The WIL Guide for Science: Good Practice section is a recently published resource with tools and guidelines for designing and delivering effective WIL in Science. The WIL Guide for Science is designed to help science faculty members implement WIL in science courses, by drawing upon lessons and expertise from other disciplines in which WIL is […]

Designing WIL assessments through consultation, collaboration and cooper...

Designing WIL assessments through consultation, collaboration and cooperation

Presented by Sonia Ferns 21 February, 2:00 – 4:30pm Room 202, 10 College Walk, Clayton Campus, Monash University Learning experiences in a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) context are highly variable, personalised and socially constructed, thereby challenging traditional assessment models which focus on knowledge acquisition as opposed to skill proficiency. Authentic assessment profiles build resilience, adaptability […]

What would you give up? For students WIL comes at a cost

  Fitting work-integrated learning around other commitments can be difficult for students. Students in our focus groups valued opportunities to gain experience and learn in the workplace, especially through placements or internships. However, they also emphasised things they would have to give up to accommodate those opportunities, such as paid work or other study.   […]

The ACDS 2017 WIL in Science National Forum – Presentations

The ACDS 2017 WIL in Science National Forum was held at the ParkRoyal Hotel at Melbourne Airport on Friday 8th December 2017. This ACDS event ‘Building Successful WIL Partnerships in Science’ incorporated the perspectives of students, industry and faculty teams, with the aim of assisting Faculties to work towards a systematic embedding of WIL. More […]

MOOC on Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching

A MOOC on Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching, has been developed by Associate Professor Kym Fraser as part of an OLT National Teaching Fellowship. It’s comprised of a series of 13 modules which have been developed by a group of academics from universities across Australia, and will be offered at the beginning of 2018. The […]

Communicate to engage in WIL

  Our research has revealed that science students are interested in work-integrated learning (WIL), but we need to communicate more if we want them to actively engage. Here are three recommendations from staff who design and deliver WIL in science on how we can communicate better.   We interviewed staff who design, deliver and lead […]

Webinar: Creating sustainable WIL programs with WIL in Science

  Liz Johnson and Jo Elliott presented insights from recent research on student engagement from the Successful WIL in Science project and discussed experiences in creating effective WIL leadership, in a recent webinar.   Click to view the ‘Creating Sustainable WIL programs with WIL in Science’ webinar recording and slides.   The webinar was presented […]