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We can provide interactive workshops to provide course leaders or teaching teams with background on the CER-STEM framework, and an overview of the tools and resources available through the CER-STEM website. 

Participants will be introduced to:

1.     a way of thinking about the teaching component of academic work that is oriented to evidence-based quality enhancement 

2.     a framework for embedding evaluation and research into teaching practice, curriculum design and delivery at the level of a unit of study (subject) and course (award degree) curriculum that is aligned to the Higher Education Standards Framework and institutional performance expectations.

3.     practical resources for data collection 

a) a ‘generic’ ethics application;
b) a method for using the university Learning Management System (LMS) to routinely collect student and peer review data and;
c) a mechanism for establishing consent.

These workshops are relevant for teaching staff and/or teaching teams, course and unit coordinators, Deans and Directors of Learning and Teaching who are interested in establishing a sustainable and effective approach to educational evaluation and scholarship as part of their teaching practice.


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