Past events


Teaching and Learning Conference 2017

Deans and Associate Deans Learning & Teaching, and other Faculty learning and teaching leaders came together at Monash University in Melbourne’s CBD on 17 and 18 July 2017.  Many thanks to all the presenters, the participants, and in particular the conference organisers: Tina Overton, Chris Thompson and Cristina Varsavsky, for an inspiring and thought provoking meeting.

Opening address:

  • Prof Darrell Evans (DVCA, Newcastle)

Innovation in science T&L: leading uptake beyond individual innovators

  • Dr Chris Thompson (ADE, Monash)
  • Prof Teri Balser (Dean T&L, Curtin) Presentation
  • Professor Adam Bridgeman (Director, Educational Innovation, Sydney) Presentation

Supporting sessional staff:

  • Prof Tina Overton (Monash)
  • A Prof Mauro Mocerino (Curtin) Presentation
  • Aishling Flaherty (Limerick)
  • A Prof Gerry Rayner (Monash) Presentation

Panel discussion: Pathways for leaders in science education: What kind of roles are available?

  • Prof Cristina Varsavsky (Int Dean, Monash)
  • Prof Jo Ward (Dean, Curtin)
  • Dr Barbie Panther (AD T&L, Federation)
  • Prof Brian Yates (Dean, Tasmania)
  • Professor Adam Bridgeman, (Director, Educational Innovation, Sydney)

Partnership for work integrated learning:

  • Prof Amanda Henderson (OLT National Senior Teaching Fellow) Presentation
  • Prof Liz Johnson (PVC L&T, Deakin)

First year in science network: What should its focus be?

  • A Prof Deb King (ADE, Melbourne)

Hot topics for leaders in science education:

Wrap up:


WIL in Science National Forum 2016

The 2016 ACDS WIL in Science forum was held on Friday December 2nd with a focus on the ACDS Lighthouse projects. Participants explored the successes and challenges of establishing and growing work-integrated learning in science degrees stimulating lively discussion and new connections.

Presentations from the program are available here.


ACDS Lighthouse projects

  • Dr Tina Acuna, University of Tasmania: Unifying WIL in Science at the University of Tasmania
  • Dr Jo-Ann Chuck, Western Sydney University: Providing WIL across complex interconnected science degrees
  • Prof Peter Adams, University of Queensland: Exploring alternate models for WIL in Science: Linking Work with Learning
  • Dr Rowan Brookes, Monash University: WIL and professional skills in an honours stream
  • Prof Peter Meier, University of Technology Sydney: Maintaining motivation for broad-based WIL
  • Prof Malcolm CampbellMalcolm Campbell, Deakin University: Learning to work, working to learn – building practice capability for WIL

The Australian Conference for Science and Mathematics Education (ACSME) 2016

The 2016 ACSME conference was held in Brisbane at the University of Queensland on 28-29 September 2016 with the workshop day following on Friday, 30 Sept 2016. Venue details to be confirmed. Keynote presentations are available below.

The theme was: The 21st Century Science and Maths Graduate.
What is the place of our STEM graduates in the world? How do we prepare them?

Keynote presentations:

Conference Program
Conference program – Days 1 and 2

Workshop program Day 3

Teaching and Learning Conference 2016

The 2016 ACDS Teaching and Learning Conference was held in Sydney from July 21 to 22. Conference wrap are available here and presentations are available below.


WIL in Science National Forum 2015

The ACDS held its inaugural ACDS WIL in Science National Forum in Melbourne on Friday December 11. The forum was a great success, drawing more than 80 attendees from 42 universities and other partner organisations.

A key focus of the forum was the launch of the new WIL in Science Network which will bring together leaders in work-integrated learning from Science Faculties from Australian universities to embed work-integrated learning in the sciences and increase student employability.

The WIL in Science National Forum featured keynote speakers from government, industry and universities. Its themes were:
WIL in Science: What does work-integrated learning look like in science and mathematics now?

More information and links to presentations:

Teaching and Learning Conference 2015

The 2015 ACDS Teaching and Learning Conference was held in Brisbane on July 16-17.  Faculties of Science were invited to send delegates along to the conference including Associate Deans of Learning & Teaching or equivalents.

Themes for the meeting included:

  • Assessment: Keynote – Prof Royce Sadler (University of Queensland)
  • Benchmarking Science degrees: Keynote –– Prof Pip Pattison (University of Sydney)
  • Leadership strategies for ADTLs: Keynotes – Prof Craig McInnes (Phillips KPA, Prof Hamish Coates (University of Melbourne)
  • Work-integrated learning: Keynote – Prof Janet Hergt (University of Melbourne)

There were also presentations from our current Science OLT Fellows (Roy Tasker, Pauline Ross and Joe Shapter), the OLT/ETMST projects and the Chief Scientist, Prof Ian Chubb.
ACDS Teaching and Learning Conference Program 2015


Teaching and Learning Conference 2014

The ACDS Teaching and Learning Conference was held in Melbourne in 2014 and welcomed over 60 participants from 26 institutions. Themes included learning analytics, academic roles, new discipline networks and updates on current and new projects.

Conference Program

ACDS TL Conference Program – 2014

ACDS Teaching and Learning Conference report 2014