ACSME 2020 – Poster Presentations – Thursday

IMPORTANT NOTICE:   The final program with links and instructions on how to join in the sessions was emailed to participants on Saturday 26th September. 

Thursday October 1

Employabilty and WIL#1. Development and evaluation of context-based undergraduate biochemistry for health sciences (CUBHS) resources for future health workers

Presenter: Katherine Fernandez, Tina Overton, Christopher Thompson, Nirma Samarawickrema

#2. Insights from a career development learning intervention: The impact of student major on perceptions of employability

Presenter: Amany Gouda-Vossos, Angela Ziebell

#3. Developing professional identity in biomedical science students

Presenter: Kay Colthorpe, Charlotte Young, Christian Panaretos, Judit Kibedi, Louise Ainscough

Teaching approaches - transition and adaptation#1. Learning in a blended course: Biomedical science students' learning adaptations

Presenter: Chloe Smallwood, Louise Ainscough, Kay Colthorpe

#2. Demonstrating adaptability: Role modelling multidisciplinary learning in the lab, online and at home

Presenter: Liam Prior Phelan, Alescia Cullen, Rafiquel Islam, Timothy Kirkman, Bonnie McBain, Joseph Pegler, Caitlin Romanis
Teaching approaches - learning online#1. 21st Century skill development in remote, on-line learning biochemistry students

Presenter: Christopher Jones, Ming Wu, Liza Cubeddu, Jo-Anne Chuck

#2. Towards a shared narrative of playfulness in online classes

Presenter: William Billingsley

#3. Using technologies that students are comfortable with to improve interactivity in online learning

Presenter: Michael Kasumovic, Isabelle Kingsley
Student engagement#1. Instructional videos, conceptual understanding and self-efficacy in the time of COVID

Presenter: Daniel Jose

#2. Who's Zoomin' who? Student engagement during a faceless pandemic

Presenter: Matthew Pye, Francesca van den Berg, Ta Lee, H.D. Nguyen, O Lilje, S. Hockey

#3. Maintaining connection during remote delivery of teaching by using a learning journal

Presenter: Sandra McLaren
Teaching approaches - teacher perspectives#1. Teacher experiences: Integration of Indigenous science and STEM

Presenter: Brenda Rohl, Anibeth Desierto, Leanda Mason, Emma Pearson, Fred Yasso, Vanessa Corunna

#2. Outcomes from our Visiting Teaching Fellow program

Presenter: Michael de la Pena, Troy Garrett, Jessica Budden, Ingrid Mendes, Elizabeth Jane Angstmann

#3. De-colonising science through co-teaching consilience

Presenter: Leanda Denise Mason
Teaching approaches - biomedical sciences#1. Factors affecting unit selection of seond year biomedicine units

Presenter: Frances Broomhead, Scott Clarke, Elizabeth Davis

#2. Support for problem solving through scaffolding and engagement

Presenter: Kimberly Vo, Mahbub Sarkar, Paul White, Elizabeth Yuriev

Student perceptions#1. Student perception of preparedness in the midst of COVID-19: A snapshot from first year chemistry students

Presenter: Agnes June Mercer, Sara Kyne, Christopher Thompson

#2. Putting the PASS in class: In-class peer mentoring on campus and online

Presenter: Liam Prior Phelan, Sophie Daphne Baker, Tess Matilda Horton, Georgie Parker, Samantha Alice Whitling, Karen Cutts, Bonnie McBain, Heather Stevens, Cassandra Bugir, Lachlan Howell, Ken Latham, Ryan Witt

#3. The effect of interventions on student anxiety and performance of first-year tertiary psychology statistics students; A systematic review

Presenter:  Jazayeri, Li, Whitby, Beggs