Submissions and presentations

Instructions for uploading your poster

  1. Create your poster page in pdf format.
  2. Email the pdf file to Ana Lopes, email:, with the following:

Heading: ACSME 2020 poster

Content: Title of the poster and, in a separate line, Name of presenter

This must be emailed before August 30.


Instructions for uploading your presentation

  1. Create a video of your presentation which must be no longer than 15 minutes (see some tips below on how to do this). Make sure video settings are public.
  2. Email the url of this video to Ana Lopes, email: with the following:

Heading: ACSME 2020 presentation

Content: Title of the presentation and Name of presenter, and  the YouTube url, all three in separate lines.

This must be emailed before August 30.


Creating and uploading a YouTube video:

To record your video:

  • Use your Institution’s existing software (e.g., Camtasia) and save/download the file; or
  • Use Zoom (Start a meeting in Zoom > share screen > select the PowerPoint window > Start the slideshow > start the recording (record on this computer, in the menu on the top of the screen) > Stop recording when it’s done (shortcut is Alt + R or from the same part of the menu). The file automatically saves on your computer and will be available when you end the meeting. This video can then be uploaded to YouTube; or
  • Use a free or licensed recording app. Screencast-O-matic is $30 for the year and one we recommend if you don’t have software provided by your workplace, or don’t have access to Zoom and will record a few more videos within the year (; or
  • You can also record your slideshow on PowerPoint but this needs to be converted to a video file before uploading to YouTube: File > Export > Create a Video > Select Video Quality > Use Recorded Timings and Narrations> Create Video.
To upload to YouTube: