Repository of online resources for science and mathematics teaching and assessment

About the project

Do you have a resource to share?
Have you developed a resource to support learning undergraduate science or mathematics online? Is this something you could share with other science educators?

The type of resource we are looking for include but are not limited to: lab activities and worksheets, lecture material, assessment tools, interactive learning modules, etc.

Sharing resources is good not only for the benefit of the community of science educators. Having a resource published in the ACDS repository is evidence that your teaching has an impact beyond the students in your classroom and is of national significance.

Submit your resource

This ACDS project aims to create a repository of curated remote teaching and assessment resources developed across Faculties of Science, particularly those resources that would benefit teachers and students of large mainstream subjects.

The ACDS expects to support this repository to remain active in acquiring further resources following its establishment. Its processes of curation and review should promote wide discussion and shared understanding of the learning goals, pedagogies and evidence-based evaluation of the resources that it contains.

Project leaders
The resources will be grouped according to four disciplines: chemistry, physics, life science and mathematics, with a leader for each of these components.

• Chemistry: Madeleine Schultz (Deakin)
• Physics: Elizabeth Angstmann, Christine Lindstrom and Kate Jackson (UNSW)
• Life sciences: Kay Colthorpe (UQ)
• Mathematics: Sara Herke (UQ)

Curation process
All resources submitted will go through a rigorous evaluation process undertaken by discipline experts. Resources that pass this process will be published on the web repository, with applicants receiving an ACDS certificate attesting to their quality.