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New resources for STEM teacher training

The Department of Education has promoted a range of new resources and approaches from the five ‘Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers projects‘. This work provides a diverse platform for future improvements to support both the preparation of school teachers of maths and science, and also professional development for teachers. The final reports […]

National Collaborative Writing Group Initiative 2018

An exciting SoTL opportunity awaits you in 2018! What is it & why should I participate? The national collaborative writing group initiative is an exciting networking opportunity for Science/Biomedical Science SoTL practitioners to come together to share their passion for science education. The idea to establish a group at the national level was borne from […]

Unlocking the code to digital literacy

Associate Professor Jo Coldwell-Nielson is an OLT Fellow working on the challenging concept of digital literacy. Jo works in the Department of Information Technology at Deakin University. She is looking for your contribution to a national framework to support digital literacy development.  Jo writes… How do you perceive your digital literacy capacity and preparedness to […]

CLIPS: Communication Learning in Practice for Scientists

The University of Queensland has recently released a new resource site (CLIPS) for science students to support development of communication skills. Effective communication is one of the threshold learning outcomes for Australian science degrees. The CLIPS site provides science educators with prepared modules and support for students and is an open access resource. The CLIPS […]